Respository Search Tool

What is the ETIP SNET Repository?

The ETIP SNET repository is a Knowledge Sharing Platform and your source of information for key facts on research and innovation projects on smart grids, contributing to the update of the Strategic Research and Innovation Roadmap and participating to the BRIDGE initiative. It facilitates knowledge-sharing among new, ongoing or completed research and innovation projects at European, national/regional levels and helps bring RD&I results to deployment.

This public repository has been developed in the framework of the INTENSYS4EU project, a Coordination and Support Action (H2020 Grant Agreement n� 731220) that managed both ETIP SNET and the BRIDGE initiatives activities.

What does it offer and how does it work?

The ETIP SNET Repository gathers three different types of knowledge, available in the following collection:

Project fact sheets provide a general description of the projects, describe their key exploitable results and benefits, and identify barriers and next steps to market entry. It gathers knowledge collected through the ETIP SNET Monitoring activity by analysing and disseminating R&I projects� results lying in the ETIP SNET scope, as well as through the BRIDGE initiative.
The technology database
Technology Fact Sheets have been elaborated in the framework of the eHighway2050 project and deal with the assessment of the most impacting transmission technologies for the power system in the EU27 toward 2050.
Knowledge articles
Knowledge articles are devoted to one specific R&I result of a project and describe the main features of the research output.

This tool enables a traditional filter-based searching, as well as a map-based filtering for querying available datasets. You can thus sort the results and available data according to the collection (project, technology or knowledge article), the technologies concerned, the countries of stakeholders involved, the technology readiness level, the nature of the key exploitable results and other aspects related to their exploitation and effective use or by dates . The advanced search tool provides useful information on the key exploitable project results, their nature, exploitation and effective use, as well as barriers and next steps toward an effective use of the results.

The ETIP SNET repository takes into account the key information of the former �GridInnovation-online�, developed under the Grid+ and Grid+Storage projects.

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